(Information for Sunilandings and Enchanted Harbor Utilities, Port Alto Texas)
Mailing Address: 2301 Nancy Lou St, El Campo, Texas 77437      Tele: 973-637-0054
Updated: March 2, 2013



UPDATES: “The 3 year effort to form a MUD for South Port Alto has been officially declined by the TCEQ (State of Texas)”.


Three years ago we were in the process of putting all the numbers together to get a rate increase for the Enchanted Harbor Water System. These state of Texas upgrades included all new water mains of the proper size. A new high capacity well, a new 20,000 gallon ground storage tank, a new 2,500 gallon pressure tank, an updated and more secure pump and control building just to name a few. We also are going to be installing all new water meters and software to facilitate online payments. The preliminary cost estimates are around $700,000.  This is a lot of money folks but the great state of Texas is not going to let us get by with what we have any longer. We have 94 customers on the Enchanted Harbor system so if you would like to do the math based on a 15 year business loan at let’s say 6% you can come up with a monthly payment to service the note. Take the monthly payment and divide that by those 94 customers and that will be the monthly amount needed to pay for the upgrades. Add in the employee labor and bookkeeping cost and you should have an idea of what your new monthly minimum water bill will be. More info to follow.